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Dalit Dalit means "to draw water." Daniella Daniella means "God is my judge." Devorah Devorah means "to speak kind words." Devorah appears in the Bible as the great prophetess and judge who led a revolt against the Canaanite king (see Book of Judges).A different Devorah was the nurse of Rebecca (Genesis 35:8).Carmel Carmel means "vineyard, garden, orchard." (variations: Carmela, Carmelit, Carmiela, Carmit, Carmiya) Chana Chana means "grace." This name is associated with the ability to create beautiful prayers; Chana appears in the Bible as praying to God, and then giving birth to the prophet Samuel. 1) (variant spellings: Hana, Hannah) Chava Chava means "life." Chava appears in the Bible as the first woman.(Genesis ) (variations: Eve, Hava) Chagit Chagit means "festive, celebration." Chagit appears in the Bible as King David's wife (2-Samuel 3:4).(variations: Ariel, Arielle) Atara Atara means "crown." It is sometimes used for naming after a Kreindel, a Yiddish name of the same meaning.Avigail Avigail means "father's joy." Avigail appears in the Bible as King David's wife (1-Samuel ).

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Hadassah means "myrtle tree." (variations: Hadas, Hadasa, Dassa, Dassi) Hadar Hadar means "splendid, ornamented, beautiful." Hinda Hinda is Yiddish for "deer." The name is often associated with the biblical Naftali, who is compared to a swift deer (Genesis ).

Mayan Mayan means "spring, oasis." Mazal Mazal means "constellation" or "luck." Meira Meira means "one who gives light." A variant form, Mira, is a nickname for Miriam. " Michal appears in the Bible as King Saul's daughter (1-Samuel ), and the first wife of King David (1-Samuel ).