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She uses a wide range of kicks and punches, combining wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves when she’s in the ring.The Redondo Beach, California native was the first UFC Strawweight Champion, and she started her career by winning 11 of her first 14 mixed martial arts matches.Using a combination of kickboxing and boxing skills, Holm opened her mixed martial arts career with 10 straight wins, culminating in the vicious knockout victory of Rousey, effectively sending the superstar into a yearlong exile from the sport.Holm earned her bones as a professional boxer, winning multiple championships and defending her titles a staggering 18 times while posting a 32-2-3 record in the ring.

After being born in Baghdad, Iraq, her family was imprisoned for a time during the Gulf War for trying to leave the country, eventually finding a way to escape to Canada.

The Scottish fighter—who also is known by nicknames like “Jo Jo,” “Badmofo Jo Jo,” and “Dr.

Kneevil”—was an accomplished kickboxer, losing just two of her 21 matches, and starting her mixed martial arts career by winning her first nine fights, four of them by knockouts “Cookie Monster” is one of the best grapplers in the UFC.

“Evil” Eye is as tough as they come for female fighters in the UFC—she uses a range of boxing attacks, defensive jab moves, and agile strikes to take down opponents.

The Ohio native started her mixed martial arts career with a 10-1 record and she’s known for her strong body kicks, devastating elbow strikes, and takedowns.

Known for her notoriously tough arm-bar, “The Arm Collector” suffered a tough defeat to Holly Holm with a knockout at UFC 193, but the former Olympic bronze medalist remains one of the most feared fighters in the world.