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in the practice of international relations, used both as a tool of social and .....The restoration of the war-torn Russian economy by the exertion of all ....The plain is a swampy, forested lowland, cut dramatically by large, north-flowing rivers.

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One can cross the river via several bridges, even while riding the city’s subway system.

Bell Graduate Department of History University of Toronto “The Gulag and Soviet Society in Western Siberia, 1929-1953” examines the history of forced labour during the Stalin era in Western Siberia, or present-day Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Kemerovo Provinces.

The region was a key site of Stalin-era repression, as it was home to numerous Gulag camps including Siblag, one of the longest lasting and most economically diversified of the many prison-labour camps scattered throughout the former Soviet Union.

Tomsk as a city is today a pleasant university town, and wears its past more comfortably than many other former Soviet cities: monuments to the “victims of Stalinism” stand in the city’s centre, in a small park directly across from city hall.

The park overlooks the Tom’ river, a meandering tributary of the Ob’.

Bell A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Graduate Department of History University of Toronto © Copyright by Wilson T.