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Stephanie asks if there's something she wants to share.

April comes up and asks why they're just standing in there when there are incoming traumas.

When shock wears off, when the body can accept that a trauma has happened, when it can let down its defences, it's a scary moment. The shock response had protected us, and it just might have saved us.

As Derek prepares for his move to DC, Meredith keeps herself busy at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jackson and April deal with difficult news, and Arizona and Amelia discuss how to best approach Dr. As the voiceover talks about trauma, Meredith stands outside the hospital, flashing back to her fight with Derek. He sees their post-it above their bed and remembers their wedding. Jackson hesitates, but then walks into the room where April is standing.

He looks at the picture of him, Meredith, and Zola. She greets him happily, but after he breaks the news to her, she flees the room and he lashes out.

April and Meredith are operating when Owen comes in and asks April to step out and let him take over. Derek says he's trying and Meredith says she is, too. She then asked Amelia what the longest she could wait was and agreed to have the surgery once it got as large as it could and still be safely removed, thus giving her more time to teach Arizona and live her life.

When she says she won't do it, he orders her to leave. She starts to cry and tells him their baby is a boy. Meredith's voiceover talks about what happens when the body realizes what's happened and lets down its defenses. Derek says he's still at the airport because his flight's been delayed all day, so he can still come home. Brooke was brought into the ER after driving her car off a bridge with her two kids inside.

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From knowing that what has happened might be irreparable, we call it 'shock'.Meredith reveals she needs a nanny because Derek left, but doesn't expand on that.

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As Powers later commented, ‘I was like, “Tell me this all isn’t true.”’They both returned to work ‘like a couple of shell-shocked victims’, but as she writes, ‘Somehow the comfort zone of [their screen characters] Jonathan and Jennifer Hart and their fictional family had a medicinal effect on both of us.’ Hart To Hart was, of course, the hugely successful 1980s TV series featuring Wagner (RJ to his friends) as self-made millionaire Jonathan Hart and Powers as his beautiful journalist wife.… continue reading »

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