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19-Aug-2017 13:16

In the traditional Bengali style, the sari is draped around the body without pleats and the pallu is left loose by hanging over the left shoulder often with a bunch of keys attached to it.

The earlier generations of Bengali women preferred the style because of its sheer simplicity and utmost comfort.

Fisherwomen in the coastal regions of Maharashtra still wear a nawwadi and well, it is worn without a petticoat!

These saris are made of finely woven silk and have intricate designs done in golden thread (zari).

However, this authentic Indian garment has lost some of its popularity as daily wear in the recent past.

The western outfits have made an inroad into the Indian woman’s wardrobe due to a shift towards rapid globalization and emerging corporate culture.

A nine-yard sari called the nawwadi is the traditional style very similar to the men’s dhoti.

The pleats of the sari are placed between the legs and tucked in the centre back.

Indian clothing has been influenced by diverse cultural influences since time immemorial.The choli or the woman’s blouse is believed to have come into existence with the various European colonial powers that once occupied a major portion of the Indian subcontinent.