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Known for its rich cultural history, Germany has been continuously the home of influential and successful artists, philosophers, musicians, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and inventors.

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Following the Revolutions of 1989 that ended communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe, the country was reunified on 3 October 1990.

Germany's economy in the 21st century flourished and currently is the world's 4th largest by nominal GDP and 5th largest by PPP.

As a global leader in several industrial and technological sectors, it is both the world's third-largest exporter and importer of goods.

dutch), descended from Old High German diutisc "popular" (i.e.

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belonging to the diot or diota "people"), originally used to distinguish the language of the common people from Latin and its Romance descendants.The Neanderthal 1 fossils are known to be 40,000 years old.