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Specify, by rule, procedures to be used by the Florida College System institution boards of trustees in the annual evaluations of presidents and review the evaluations of presidents by the boards of trustees, including the extent to which presidents serve both institutional and system goals.

Establish, in conjunction with the Board of Governors, an effective information system that will provide composite data concerning the Florida College System institutions and state universities and ensure that special analyses and studies concerning the institutions are conducted, as necessary, for provision of accurate and cost-effective information concerning the institutions.

The annual report shall include programs administered by the department as well as awards made from financial aid fee revenues, any other funds appropriated by the Legislature for financial assistance, and the value of tuition and fees waived for students enrolled in a dual enrollment course at a public postsecondary educational institution.

The annual report shall include an assessment of progress made in achieving goals and objectives established in the long-range plans and recommendations for repealing or modifying existing financial aid programs or establishing new programs.

Establish criteria for making recommendations for modifying district boundary lines for Florida College System institutions, including criteria for service delivery areas of Florida College System institutions authorized to grant baccalaureate degrees.

The State Board of Education is responsible for reviewing and administering the state program of support for the Florida College System institutions and, subject to existing law, shall establish the tuition and out-of-state fees for developmental education and for credit instruction that may be counted toward an associate in arts degree, an associate in applied science degree, or an associate in science degree.

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To exercise general supervision over the divisions of the Department of Education as necessary to ensure coordination of educational plans and programs and resolve controversies and to minimize problems of articulation and student transfers, to ensure that students moving from one level of education to the next have acquired competencies necessary for satisfactory performance at that level, and to ensure maximum utilization of facilities.The strategic plan must cover a period of 5 years, with modification of the program lists after 2 years.

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