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Introduced sometime in the early 1970s, the 5021 was an acoustic dreadnought style 12 string guitar, with a solid spruce top bound with w-b-w-b-w-b top purfling and black pickguard. The round sound hole had an attractive synthetic shell rosette.

It had a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots (some later versions had a bird wing inlay at the 12th fret).

It has a spruce top with three ply binding around the body and a black pickguard. The nato neck has a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays.

The bridge is rosewood bridge with black pearl dot pins.

Fender Stratocaster (serial number S913684) Alvarez Yairi - Acoustic guitar serial number dating Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar serialization and serial number dating. | Cha Cha What is the serial number for an Alvarez guitar? According to Alvarez serial numbers the guitar would be built in either 1988 or 2001. Information on Alvarez guitar [Archive] - Harmony Central Forums I recently came into possession of an Alvarez 5220 acoustic, serial. If you can locate a serial number on the neck block.

This is a list of Alvarez Artist Series guitars (with 4 digit model numbers) that are no longer in production.

The Alvarez 5019 Midnight Special was a mid-range dreadnought acoustic guitar, with spruce multi-ply soundboard.

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Manufacture of the 5019 MIDNIGHT SPECIAL started in the mid 1980s and ended in 1998.

There is also an automated Alvarez-Yairi serial number decoder BUT according. Cha Cha Answer: An example would be: serial # 40425 for the Alvarez guitar model 5022... Acoustic Guitars: Alvarez guitar date, serial number, gibson Acoustic Guitars: Alvarez guitar date, serial number, gibson Alvarez Guitar Serial Numbers - Top questions and answers about Alvarez Guitar Serial Numbers. World's largest luthier directory, vintage and rare guitars.... Search Alvarez Banjo Serial Numbers Alvarez Guitar Dating Information on Alvarez guitar [Archive] - Harmony Central Forums The Fellowship of - Dating Kauzo Yairi-Alvarez Guitars Alvarez Guitars Serial Number Search What is the serial number for an Alvarez guitar?

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